The Joseph Varga School

Established 1980.

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The Joseph Varga School.

‘Take my hand… and we shall journey.’

The Joseph Varga School

The Joseph Varga School (JVS) is a registered special education school with a welcoming, accepting, safe and supporting ‘family feel’ environment. Our school caters specifically  for children  with a  diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

With dedicated teachers, specialist support, ongoing assessment, state of the art technology and a positive approach to personal development, our school is well equipped to support your child.We are committed to understanding the individual children in our care and positively guiding each one of them to become self aware and self disciplined members of society.

  • dedicated and caring teachers
  • clinical psychologist
  • individualised programs for the whole child with ongoing assessment and reporting
  • state of the art information technology
  • positive approach to personal development
  • welcoming, accepting, safe and supporting ‘family’ environment
  • small class sizes.