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About JVS

“The Joseph Varga School is a non-profit, public benevolent organisation, which exists on behalf of individual children, and provides a family and home environment in which all are safe, happy and loved,
and enables the growth of children towards realising their full potential as whole persons.”

The Joseph Varga School is registered as a special, non-profit, non-government school for children from 5 to 18 years of age, with a particular interest in providing educational programs for the individual child.

The school is organised so that children in need with learning disabilities, conduct disorders, and/or emotional disturbances can learn in a “safe” and “stimulating” environment.

In many senses the philosophy of the school aims:

  • to guide individual development
  • in the context of society
  • through the recognisable stages of development towards perceptive understanding
  • responsible self-direction.
Take my hand… and we shall journey.


November 2017

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