School Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The JVS was originally established in 1980, to fulfil an inspired ambition to close a gap in existing educational services.

JVS is committed to understanding the individual children in our care and positively guiding each one of them to become self aware and self disciplined members of society. 

Our focus is personal development towards self discipline, self control and self management where external management and discipline is gradually required less and less

We aim to enrol students from mainstream schools, for an intensive intervention program, and, in time, reintegrate them back into the mainstream.

JVS is a small environment  with no more than 35 children attending the school. Our students are immersed in an accepting, caring and understanding environment, where they can safely experience the rewards of ‘well-being’.

Within our positive and welcoming school students can rediscover ‘the joy of learning’ and pursue regular study or ‘adjusted’ curriculum for the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate.

Our Individualised Education, Behavioural and Transitional Programs really do yield enduring gains, be they in Key Learning Areas, or in the directly observable and evidence-based reduction in the incidence and severity of inappropriate behaviours, language and attitudes.

JVS is organised to have a ‘family feel’ to enable children with special needs, such as learning disabilities, emotional and/or behavioural disorders, to experience a sense of belonging and be honestly heard.

In doing so, children ‘at risk’ can ‘open to’ systematically learning, and acquiring ‘lifelong skills’, in our nurturing, stimulating ‘home-like’ environment.

Children are positively encouraged to accept differences among individuals, so each child has rights, dignity, self-esteem, and can happily fit into mainstream society.

The ethos of the school builds mutual trust, guiding the academic, emotional, social, creative development of ‘the whole child’, ensuring that each student ultimately becomes resilient, and independently self-motivating and self-regulating.

JVS’s approach works by responding to each child’s interests, talents and specific needs, by genuinely valuing the whole child.  

Our diverse expert team draws on a multidisciplinary formula to implement highly personalised programs in a safe, structured environment.

JVS consolidates its holistic curriculum and creates new possibilities for personal growth, through personal development camps, held each semester, and an ongoing outreach program.

This extra-curricular focus is designed to continue to monitor progress and outcomes, while further supporting our students, and their families.

The Joseph Varga School accepts referrals from other government and independent schools, doctors, specialists, and various NSW Government Departments concerned with Family and Community Services, Health and Juvenile Justice.

Our Philosophy

  • To establish a safe, nurturing and accepting environment which promotes the dignity and self-esteem of each child.
  • To encourage the acceptance of the differences in individuals.
  • To ensure that each child has acquired the necessary skills to be mainstreamed.
  • To foster the child’s natural curiosity and joy in learning.
  • To respond to each child’s interests, talents and specific needs.
  • To involve each child in participating and taking responsibility for their own learning.
  • To implement personal development programs based on a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • To promote incidental learning and socialisation by the use of a variety of dimensions.
  • To develop a curriculum that provide for the academic, emotional, social, and creative development of each child.
  • To provide a climate in which staff development is encouraged through further education eg. in-services
  • To commit to to taking responsibility for ones actions.

Our Students

  • Children aged from 5 to 18 years of age
  • Children who cannot function successfully in mainstream settings
  • Children with low self esteem
  • Children with emotional/behavioural special needs
  • Children with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Opposition Disorder and a range of psychiatric problems
  • Children suffering from Autism/Aspergers
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